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Nearly half of the United States population grapples with moderate to severe periodontal disease, spanning from mild gingivitis to more serious periodontitis, which can culminate in tissue damage, bone loss, and ultimately, tooth loss. At Cater Dental of Lombard, our adept dentist is proficient in addressing all phases of periodontal disease in both new and returning patients.

A primary instigator of gum disease often stems from the neglect of proper oral hygiene practices. Daily brushing and flossing routines, complemented by routine professional examinations and cleanings, serve as linchpins in upholding optimal oral health. When these practices fall by the wayside, plaque accumulates on teeth and beneath gum tissue. Over time, this plaque hardens into tartar, necessitating the intervention of a dental professional for removal during a thorough dental cleaning.

Failure to address gum disease in its early stages can precipitate the proliferation of tartar and bacteria, exacerbating the advancement of the disease. Inflamed, swollen, and bleeding gums signal the disease’s progression, prompting the need for professional periodontal intervention.

Periodontitis represents the zenith of periodontal disease, characterized by the recession of gums from teeth, fostering the development of “pockets” between the tooth, root, and gum tissue. These pockets present formidable challenges for adequate cleaning and necessitate specialized professional care. Without timely and meticulous treatment, the disease can exact tolls on bone, gums, and soft tissues, emerging as a leading cause of adult tooth loss.

Numerous risk factors contribute to periodontal disease, including subpar oral hygiene, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, smoking, genetic predisposition, and hormonal fluctuations in women. Certain medications may even induce gum tissue overgrowth, exacerbating challenges in maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Equipped with comprehensive training and experience, our dentist adeptly diagnoses and manages every stage of periodontal disease. If you’re grappling with symptoms such as halitosis, gum bleeding or pain, tooth sensitivity, or loosening teeth, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office to schedule a comprehensive periodontal evaluation. We’re committed to delivering outstanding and holistic periodontal care for both new and established patients.

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