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Your smile speaks volumes about you, and a youthful, radiant smile can leave a lasting impression. Fortunately, enhancing your smile to achieve a more youthful appearance is simpler than you might think. Teeth whitening is a transformative procedure that can erase years from your smile, especially if your teeth are currently stained, dull, or discolored. At Cater Dental in Lombard, we offer comprehensive whitening services to both new and existing patients.

Despite diligent oral care, tooth discoloration is inevitable over time. Genetics, antibiotics, tobacco use, and certain foods are common culprits behind stained teeth. Additionally, as we age, natural darkening of the teeth occurs. While preventing discoloration is challenging, our skilled team can effectively reverse its effects, restoring a brighter, whiter smile.

Whether you opt for in-office treatment or at-home whitening, the fundamental principles of teeth whitening remain the same. A specialized whitening agent is applied to the teeth to bleach stains and unveil a brighter smile. Our experienced dentist will work closely with you to understand your whitening needs and goals, determining the most suitable option for you.

In-office teeth whitening offers the fastest route to a dazzling smile. Under the supervision of our skilled dental professional, a potent bleaching solution can be used, delivering superior results compared to at-home kits. Patients often experience a significant improvement in their smile’s brightness and youthfulness after just one session.

During an in-office whitening treatment, we begin by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Next, a whitening agent is carefully applied, ensuring the gums and soft tissues are protected. A laser light is then directed at the teeth to expedite the whitening process. For optimal results, the procedure may be repeated as needed.

If visiting our office for professional whitening isn’t feasible for you, at-home treatment options are available. From whitening toothpastes to over-the-counter gels, there is a wide range of products to choose from. For more precise results, we can provide custom-made whitening trays that conform accurately to your teeth, ensuring even whitening.

While at-home whitening yields results, they are typically less dramatic compared to professional in-office treatments. However, they still offer noticeable improvements in brightness and youthfulness.

If you’re ready to brighten your smile and rejuvenate your appearance, contact our Lombard office today. Our friendly team is here to provide more information and schedule your personalized whitening consultation. Let us help you unlock the youthful smile you deserve.


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